Day off (aka not dive day #5)

November 24, 2019

By Scuba Bill

After making the somewhat longish (30 minutes) boat trek to the leeward side, yesterday we did a three tank diving.  First on Jado Trader and purpose sunk ship laying on its side in about 80 feet of water at the top and 108 feet at the bottom.  Here we were treated to a show from the resident 8 feet long green moray as well as a quick glimpse of a juvenile nurse shark.  It lays right next to a colorful corral head which makes for a nice intermediate stop while we off-gas a bit before making our way to the line for the safety stop.  Currents were strong, but not unbearable and we had very calm seas.  For dive #2 we motored over to Jim's silver load for wall dive.  And then after a brief lunch stop we proceeded to Lee's Pleasure where we were treated to a spectacular spotted eagle ray with at least a 5 feet wing span.  We also came across a small boat that was out lobstering (permitted during the daylight hours only & we were outside the MPA) but who had engine problems. So, we towed them home which, since we were at least 3 miles from shore with the weather kicking up, they were happy to see us.

On a separate note, after mask clearing, the #1 issue that new divers have (and I had it too!) is equalizing.  I posted a few more links in the links area of the website on this topic.  I hope you enjoy it - and never forget scuba bill's rule #3 - clear early (starting hours before you actually begin you dive) and often!)