Good Reminder - how to deploy an SMB

December 23, 2019

By Scubabill

Recently saw a good reminder in Sport Diver about how to deploy an SMB.  I've added it to the links page, but also thought I'd put a few words down here in the blog.  One of the things they don't cover is when you don't have a reel.   Depending upon where you are diving and what kind of diving you are doing, you may not have a reel as you aren't expecting to use your SMB.  Recently, I was on a drift dive and when we surfaced, we could see the boat, but the boat couldn't see us.  A few of the divers were fatigued so we all inflated our BCs, and held onto each other.  With a few toots on the whistle and deploying the SMB at the surface the boat spotted us and had us picked-up in a jiffy.  In the meantime, we stayed together as a group and enjoyed the up and down of the waves and the glint of the sunshine as it reflected on our gear.  Here's the link: