Headache after diving?

December 8, 2019

By Scuba bill

A common complaint I hear from new divers is that they develop a headache after diving.  There are many causes for this problem (including DCS & bad air), but for the new diver what I have found is that most typically: (1) they are ascending too fast; this doesn't allow their sinus' sufficient time to equalize causing a squeeze which isn't fully recognized until on the surface and/or (2) they tend be "tense" or concerned about their diving, this leads to subconsciously  clenching their jaws during the dive and leading to a headache afterward.  Remember, always follow scuba bill's rule #5 - scuba diving is "FUN"! if you aren't having fun we need to stop and figure out why and what we can do about it.  Having fun leads to relaxing dives.  Personally, I have also found that the mouthpieces that come with most OEM regulators aren't the most comfortable.  I find products like SeaCure custom to be a good addition to you kit.  For more on headaches - see this article by SDI at: Headaches & Scuba Diving