Returning to Diving

April 26, 2021

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by scuba bill (well, really by Divers Alert Network)

As we all know, the longer we don't practice something, the more rusty our skills become.  Diving is an incredible sport, but it also is a gear and skill intensive sport.  The most enjoyable dives occur when we are comfortable in the water, comfortable with our gear and our skills.  A refresher course or diving with a local dive professional (scuba bill, btw, is always looking for an excuse to get wet) to  help renew & refresh our skills is an important step when planning for that next dive.  If you've been out of the water for more than 6 months, your dive center may even require a formal refresher course.  I generally advise that after 3 months, you should spend some time with a dive professional, even if it is as simple as video call to review gear, checklists, and the like.  As a result of the global pandemic, many of us had extended surface intervals.  DAN recently published materials that I think are worth of review.  Please find them here (and on the links page), thanks!  DAN's return to diving safely