Why we never hurry/never rush

December 14, 2019

By Scuba Bill

Alert Diver recently posted an article (see the link at the bottom of this blog) that reminds me of one reason why Scuba bill's rule #4 exists - we never hurry, we never rush.  I see it all the time at dive sites and I hear dive professionals say it in both so many words and in some subtle (and not so subtle ways) - rushing their divers.  In my experience, this not only makes rule #5 more difficult to achieve but only leads to less than favorable outcomes. Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes conditions will require a speedy setup & entry, but this should not result in "rushing".  This should be a throught-through dive plan that occurs prior to arrival at the dive location.  If you find yourself "rushing" then something(s) about the planning process needs rethinking.  Remember - scuba bill's rule #4, we never rush, we never hurry.  

Here's the section of the article that influenced this post as well as the article itself:

   Like a disappointed parent, the instructor began to lecture the master class, harping on and on     about how the open-water students were already in the water while we were still trying to get     ready. He quickly paired us into buddy teams and told us to get moving. I was paired with     someone I knew from class, but we had never been buddies before; unfortunately there was no     time to get to know this guy before we hit the water. We slung our tanks on our backs and didn't     speak as we shamefully trudged into the lake,  

Here's a link to the full article:  Keep Breathing