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Even the animals love him!

About Scuba Bill

  • Scuba bill is a Padi certified Dive Master (DM# 441277)
  • Qualified to lead PADI Discover Scuba. 
  • Green Fins certified as a dive leader. 
  • DAN Instructor (#2149222), qualified to teach:
  •     CPR & First Aid;
  •     Diving First Aid for Professional Divers;
  •     First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life;
  •     Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Injuries; and,
  •     Diving Emergency Management Provider)  
  • Emergency First Response (EFR) instructor and also qualified to teach EFR's airborne pathogen class 
  • Qualified to visually inspect tanks (PSI-PCI Inspector #32192).
  • AAUS Scientific Diver (Aquarium) qualified through the New York Aquarium

Although he enjoys diving with all types of divers, his specialties are just certified and returning divers, including adults, teens and those still in the single digits of life.

If you've ever wondered what the underwater life is like or you took a scuba class but it has been a while, connect with Scuba bill!

If you are looking for an affordable CPR class for you or your company or you need an Airborne Pathogen class (or just some consulting for your business), please don't hesitate to contact scuba bill.

Have a scuba tank that needs visual inspection - we are here for you.

Apart from his day job, which is unfortunately unrelated to scuba diving, Scuba bill is also a volunteer diver (and dive team leader) at the New York Aquarium, in Brooklyn, New York (https://nyaquarium.com/)


Returning to Diving

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